Santa Clara University: Hacker changed grades of 60 students

Hacking into the system sometime between June 2010 and July of this year, the cyber-intruder

made changes that ranged from subtle upgrades to major changes that turned F’s into A’s.

There was no obvious pattern to the changes, Jacobs said.

Neither school officials nor the FBI would comment on the identities of any suspects, or even whether they had any information that the suspect was a current or former student.

But SCU student Mark Loiseau told the Mercury News that he was closely questioned by FBI agents Monday. The 25-year-old electrical engineering major said he was about to go to sleep about 10 a.m. when two FBI agents showed up at his door.

They pulled out hundreds of pages of his Verizon cell phone records, he said, and began asking a series of “pointed” questions.

Loiseau said the agents asked him if he had accessed somebody’s computer, and if he noticed that about 18 grades of his were changed from F to A. Loiseau said he answered “no” to both questions, stating he had good grades, and had certainly never received 18 F’s.

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