New phone contact rules may give coaches headaches

NCAA coaches disagree on new cell phone rules.

As if college basketball coaches weren’t on their cellphones enough already, new NCAA rules insure it will be harder than ever to put them down.

Under the new rules, coaches may have unlimited calls and text messages to a prospect after the June 15 of that player’s sophomore year.

Before, phone contact was regulated, limited and highly punishable with infractions when rules were broken.

Calls had to be logged — it’s what led to Kelvin Sampson’s firing at Indiana.

There’s no word if the governing board of major college athletics will help subsidize the more expensive calling plans for unlimited talk and texts.

Among other recruiting reforms approved by NCAA Division I Board of Directors on Thursday in Indianapolis were funding for visits, a longer spring recruiting period starting immediately after the Final Four and additional contact for players after their junior year.

Not surprisingly, the rule changes regarding phone calls and texts generated differing opinions between Pacific-12 Conference head coaches at a recent media day.

“In the most general sense, I’m a strong proponent of deregulation,” Arizona State coach Herb Sendek said. “Over the years with good intent, with intelligent rationale, it seems like we continue to add layer upon layer of rules. In many cases, those rules have created chasms between coaches and players, coaches and prospective players. Anything we can do to simplify and standardize the rules can go a long way toward helping the member institutions, the coaches, administrators and players.”