UCF’s Deborah German is identified as a professor who earns almost $446,000. Her actual title goes far beyond her role as a professor: dean of the College of Medicine and vice president for medical affairs.

Faculty leaders worry Scott will cut or limit university funding as he explores changes that seek to reduce costs and boost professors’ productivity, partly by tying their pay to how many students they teach and how satisfied students are with their instruction.

The governor, citing work-force demands, has been open about his plan to press for more graduates in science, math, technology and engineering.

Last week, he sent letters to the universities asking them to provide a host of data showing, for example, how they measure costs per program and what studies they’ve done to ensure graduates are meeting employer needs.

Sandra Lewis, president of FSU’s Faculty Senate, said professor wages need to be improved. The state already struggles to hold on to some its most talented educators because universities in other states — private institutions in particular — offer higher pay.

It’s a trend that will cost Florida money in the long run, she said, because students will leave the state to attend colleges with stronger programs.

“When we’ve got someone who wants to study mathematics and we’ve weakened our math department because all of our best people have gone to Georgia to teach because they make way more, these students will go to Georgia, and then they will live in Georgia, and they will pay Georgia taxes and not Florida taxes,” Lewis said.

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