Scott’s office said he posted the information simply to make already-public information easier to find by creating a database that lists the names and annual salaries of the university system’s 50,000-plus employees.

But faculty leaders think he had other motives.

They say he posted the data to make it appear that universities are wasteful as he prepares to push for dramatic higher-education changes during the legislative session that begins in January.

Already, Scott has begun asking universities for information to help him prepare his plan, including a detailed accounting of what the 50 highest-paid employees at each university do.

The highest-paid professor in Florida, Neil Fenske from University of South Florida, makes $1.2 million. About 20 professors in the state earn more than $500,000.

But critics cite Fenske’s salary, as well as others in the online database, to point out its flaws.

For instance, the database lists Fenske only as a professor.

It fails to mention his other job duties: chairman of the department of dermatology and cutaneous surgery at USF Health and medical director of the USF Health Cosmetic and Laser Center.

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