New web interface could become the future of online instruction

“A lot of students haven’t really pinpointed how they learn best…” Shores said. “If it really helps them figure out how they learn best, I think it’ll be great.”

Students will be able to list sports, music, and other activities they are into and help get connected to students with similar interests, Brunner said.

Apple said the system even will help veterans or students in the same location connect.

The “path to success” aspect of the site will help students succeed by providing them with individualized advice in four areas: learning, career, life skills, and onboarding, which will get them started in college by letting them know what forms they need to complete, like financial aid documents and pre-assesments, Brunner said.

Students will have access to their eMail on the site, along with three tabs: learning, community, and support.

Brunner said support won’t be just technical support, but also financial and academic support.

The learning tab will be a resource center with academic articles and the ability to engage with librarians, while the community tab will provide the chance to interact with other students, Brunner said.

“It comes down to the notion of KnowU as the application being wise, being smart, and trying to learn from you and get better over time,” he said.

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