Seton Hill scales the ed-tech integration summit

Colleges have followed Seton Hill's lead in iPad adoption.

Realizing that students today “interact with the world in radically different ways than previous generations,” Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pa., was one of the first schools in the country to give its students iPads after Apple introduced its iconic tablet computer last year.

But it was Seton Hill’s vision for transforming education through the use of technology, and its focus on staff development to achieve this goal, that led to its selection as our “eCampus of the Month” for October.

Here, Vice President for Information Technology Phil Komarny describes the university’s ed-tech vision and its keys to success.

How does your campus use technology to advance student learning?

We have been committed to using technology to advance student learning since receiving our first Title III Strengthening Institutions grant.

We continue to promote technology integration into classroom instruction through our second Title III grant’s ELITE professional development program for faculty and our Griffin Technology Advantage program for students.

Both programs embrace technology, recognizing that today’s students interact with the world in radically different ways than previous generations.

The ELITE program provides faculty with professional development devoted to maximizing the potential of mobile technologies, iPad apps, and Web 2.0 tools.

Faculty receive MacBook Pro laptops and participate in training throughout the year, exploring ways to expand the classroom beyond four walls and enhance student learning. For example, pre-service teachers develop video documentaries of historic buildings, and our writing-intensive program uses iPad apps—such as Corkulous—to engage students in writing.

eCampus News Staff