Jobs resigns as Apple CEO; educators ponder his ed-tech legacy

In the hours after Job announced his resignation, several ed-tech enthusiasts took to Twitter to discuss his legacy in educational technology.

“Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, resigns. Amazing innovator, supporter of education, and BIG dreamer,” tweeted teacher Shelly Gammon of Kentucky.

“We all hope Steve Jobs is doing OK. His contributions to Apple and education are immeasurable!” read another tweet, from educator and ed-tech specialist Bill Shesky.

As Jobs was praised for his vision, concerns about his health persisted. The January leave was Jobs’ third medical leave over several years. He previously had survived pancreatic cancer and received a liver transplant.

Shannon Cross, an analyst at Cross Research, said Cook is a good choice to replace Jobs.

“He has taken over for Jobs twice in two medical leaves, and the company has functioned extremely well,” she said, adding that Cook has been Jobs’ “right hand guy” for many years.

Cross also said Jobs put in place a “culture of innovation” that will help Apple remain a creative force in the industry.

“Steve Jobs is an extremely strong leader and clearly has made Apple a leading consumer electronics company and one of the most innovative companies in the world,” she said. “However, he didn’t do it alone.”

Said Hirsch: “From imagination to implementation, Steve Jobs has made learning more personal, intuitive, and collaborative, by demanding no compromises in the design of his products. We should do no less for our students and their learning.”

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