Beyond Facebook: University connects alums online

The online format will allow much more frequent updates, with news updated daily, even hourly, and ideally, from the desktops and iPhones of alumni themselves, said Forbes.

Forbes offers this advice to other universities interested in creating a similar service: “Research and understand your audience.  Design for the least knowledgeable member of your audience. Don’t take half measures–commit to a complete overhaul.  Know what you’re trying to accomplish and base your web environment to meet institutional goals.”

IUAA’s interactive format for alumni networking is an example of campus fundraisers’ innovation as they become increasingly adept at incorporating social media in their campaigns.

IU is the latest prominent institution to build a social media platform specifically for alums.

In February, Oregon State University (OSU) launched the Building Community Initiative (BCI), a computer program designed to “asses[s] the affinity and connection” between alumni donors and their schools.

By using the program, school officials can pinpoint the priorities of individual alumni and streamline their solicitation efforts, clarifying which alums are able to give money to their alma maters and targeting alums for certain fundraising missions, such as a new library or soccer field.

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