Report tracks post-bachelor’s degree progress

Eighty-four percent of bachelor’s degree recipients were working a year after completing their degrees, 9 percent were unemployed but looking for work, and 7 percent were not in the labor force. Of those who were employed full-time, the median earned income was $36,000. One-quarter earned less than $27,457 and one-quarter earned more than $49,200.

Other statistics include:

  • Sixty-seven percent of students were age 23 or younger when they completed their bachelor’s degree, 19.4 percent were ages 24-29, and 13.3 percent were 30 or older.
  • Thirty-seven percent received a Pell grant, and 63 percent did not.
  • Of all the students, 29.4 percent began their journey toward a bachelor’s degree at a community college.

The report’s authors caution that the results are only a first look at the data, and that relationships between different variables have not yet been examined. A second follow-up report, expected to be released in 2012, will examine bachelor’s degree recipients’ labor market experiences and post-baccalaureate education through the fourth year after their graduation.