Liberal activists: For-profit colleges ‘ripping off’ students, taxpayers

“Their reckless behavior risks a new subprime debt crisis, yet the corporations that run these schools have spent millions trying to avoid accountability,” Halperin said.

“The new gainful employment rule is a step toward holding colleges accountable for how they serve both students and the public. But the longer it takes to eliminate the worst career-education programs, the more students end up mired in debt and without a way to climb out,” wrote Morgan, a policy analyst for the Center for American Progress.

On June 14, Campus Progress joined 36 other groups, including the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, in signing a letter to the Senate that opposed attempts to nullify the gainful employment rule.

“Given the overwhelming evidence that the worst career colleges are taking unfair advantage of students and wasting taxpayer funds…we need to do more, not less, to protect students and taxpayers,” the letter said.

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