20 most Googled colleges: Analytics skills or pure luck?

Harvard is the most “liked” campus on Facebook, with more than 376,000 followers, according to a May ranking published by MainStreet.com. Ohio State University ranks second with 293,000 “likes,” and the University of Michigan ranks third with 287,000 followers.

In fourth place, Texas A&M has 268,000 Facebook fans, and No. 5 ranked University of Texas at Austin has 251,000 “likes.”

Gannett said the University of Florida likely grabbed CampusSplash’s top spot because of its popular football program, its large student enrollment, and its status as a public campus. Students, especially during the country’s economic downturn, are increasingly looking toward public colleges during web searches, he said.

“When the economy improves, I’m sure we’ll see the Harvards of the world higher up on the list,” Gannett said.

Editorial assistant Raishay Lin contributed to this report.

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