Worried about jobs, college women go ‘geek’

A year ago, Harvard University’s student newspaper dubbed computer science the most “gender-skewed” major on campus – meaning that many more men majored in computer science than women, according to a report in The Christian Science Monitor. Then something happened. In a year, the number of women majoring in computer science has nearly doubled on the Harvard campus. “Computer science seems like a lot of fun, but it also proves to be a lifesaver,” says Katrina Wong, a Harvard literature major who is considering switching to computer science. Since her father lost his job to the recession and she maxed out her credit cards, she’s begun writing content for smart-phone apps that her college friends are creating for clients. “It’s not a big income, but it buys me necessities as well as opens doors to profit-sharing opportunities.” The financial turmoil of the last few years has made it tougher for college graduates to find jobs.

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