Why women have an advantage in technology

Audrey MacLean describes herself as an accidental techttp://ecampusnews.eschoolmedia.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=40198&action=edit&message=6hnologist, an accidental entrepreneur, and an accidental investor. But at the age of eight, she made at least one plan: She would earn a college scholarship, reports The New York Times. Ms. MacLean, 59, executed that plan  and went on to help start Network Equipment Technologies, which went public in 1987. Later, she was a founder and chief executive of Adaptive. She has given seed financing to numerous successful start-ups including Pure Software (founded by Netflix’s Reed Hastings), AdForce and Selectica. Ms. MacLean, who continues to invest in early-stage companies and mentor entrepreneurs, is now chairwoman of Coraid, which designs and manufactures data storage products.

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