Particularly at places such as teaching hospitals, researchers are using video to detail results and complete peer reviews, while inviting others worldwide to collaborate and advance their efforts in a rich media format. Not only does this approach allow for greater progress, it is a marketable capability.

It’s also important to note that due to recent developments in technology, integrating video into an effective UC platform is not the challenge it once was. Past issues such as bandwidth concerns can now be overcome with a proper network architecture, technology approach and solid Quality of Service strategy.

Software can now turn a simple PC desktop into an easy-to-use, powerful suite capable of fully managing video and UC systems, enabling a single person to effectively control an institution’s communications.

A UC system, linking such things as digital signage and video, creates the definitive source of information on a campus. It not only unifies an institution and transforms its communications, it can drive enrollment and generate profit–and marketing-wise, it adds to a reputation in ways that are not lost on potential students, families, and donors.

President and CEO of BurstPoint Networks, Tom Racca, is a noted high technology entrepreneur and visionary. BurstPoint Networks is the leading provider of video communications solutions.

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