College students turn to social media in wake of bin Laden death

Twitter has become college students’ go-to social media tool in organizing campus gatherings, he said, because “it is so rapid-fire and because it is very search engine-optimized,” meaning Twitter allows students to easily monitor hashtags.

Not all jubilant GWU students learned about the White House gathering through social media. Zach Krahmer, a university sophomore, said a glance out of his dorm window was all he needed to join the celebration.

“There was already a crowd and that’s when my friends and I decided to head over,” said Krahmer, a civil engineering major. “It was crazy — people just kept showing up. There was a lot of celebration. People were climbing lamp posts and crowd surfing. There was even a guy in a Spiderman outfit up in the trees. Whether or not we fully understood what Osama’s death meant to the U.S., we gathered because we knew things would be different from here out.”

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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