To reduce installation costs, there are complete, ready-to-use solid-state signage solutions available that include  hardware, software, and networking capabilities.  This all-in-one approach eliminates hardware/software issues and makes digital signage truly easy to deploy.

Colleges and universities looking to add a digital signage solution or replace their vulnerable PC- based systems should be aware that many digital signage players do not include software.

When the software is included, users don’t have to worry about the added cost of site licenses or compatibility issues. Potential buyers also should compare software features and ease of use.

Today, there are applications that feature intuitive templates and tools to make creating, updating, managing, and monitoring digital signage displays so easy that even non-technical users don’t need an IT person to assist them.

Taking simplicity and convenience a step further, there are new non-PC digital signage players available that include built-in Wi-Fi for increased mobility and versatility.

A key advantage with these players is that they can be connected to a wireless network without having to install a PC, cabling, or an adapter—the clutter is eliminated.  Users also have the freedom to easily change the location of their digital sign.  In addition, with built-in Wi-Fi and networking software, users can access their controllers to change displays and schedule timely, highly customized content at multiple locations from anywhere there’s internet connectivity.

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