The 9.3 percent tuition hike approved for most students at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus should serve as a warning for those who care about affordable higher education in this state, writes the Denver Post. It’s not this year’s increase in isolation, or even just those at the state’s flagship university, that worries us, it’s the hikes in years prior and those assuredly coming at all of Colorado’s public colleges and universities. If nothing changes, there will come a point in the not-too-distant future when a college education becomes too expensive for the middle class…

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Meris Stansbury

Meris Stansbury is the Editorial Director for both eSchool News and eCampus News, and was formerly the Managing Editor of eCampus News. Before working at eSchool Media, Meris worked as an assistant editor for The World and I, an online curriculum publication. She graduated from Kenyon College in 2006 with a BA in English, and enjoys spending way too much time either reading or cooking.

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