The theft of credit card numbers has taken on a routine feel, even though instances of mega-breaches have been declining.

Verizon’s latest annual security report, one of the industry’s most authoritative analyses, found that the number of compromised records in cases examined by it and the U.S. Secret Service dropped from a record-breaking 361 million in 2008 to under 4 million last year.

The decline was the result of more targeted attacks, as well as the lack of major breaches to inflate the numbers.

Michael Brant, a 52-year-old railway worker in Columbus, Ohio, said the network outage prevents him from playing “Call of Duty” on a team with his 8-year-old grandson against potential online opponents, who have numbered above 150,000 at any one time.

He’s been able to catch up on TV shows and news in the down time and he didn’t seem worried about the possible loss of data.

“Everybody gets hacked,” he said. Brant said he would not hold a long-term grudge against Sony “as long as they get the stuff back up and running and nobody has to suffer from it.”

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