Does your college have a gambling policy? Don’t bet on it, new site says

Leading institutions in identifying on-campus gambling policies include the University of Alabama, the University of Denver, the University of Missouri (UM) Columbia, and Oregon State University—all schools that participated in a gambling policy task force organized by Harvard University in 2008.

UM has a website called “Keeping The Score,” which lists resources for students seeking help for a gambling disorder. The site includes links to the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling, Debtors Anonymous, and Gamblers Anonymous, among other organizations.

Reilly said pervasive misconceptions about the nature of gambling addiction – sentiments echoed in past discussions about substance abuse – have stopped college decision makers and students from taking the disorder seriously.

“They think people addicted to gambling are weak. It’s the same thing people used to say about those with alcohol problems,” she said. “Many people don’t realize the seriousness [of the disorder].”