The Final Four no college wants to make

There have been 2.3 million records breached at colleges since 2008.

There’s a March Madness bracket out there that might cause nightmares for campus technologists everywhere. It ranks higher education’s worst security breaches, and a related report says things probably will get worse.

So while fans from VCU, Butler, Kentucky, and U-Conn celebrate a shot at the national title this weekend, IT officials from Ohio State University (OSU), Georgia’s Valdosta State University, Buena Vista University in Iowa, and the University of North Florida will see their school’s security blunders recognized as the worst in higher education in 2010.

On the strength of an October database breach that exposed personal information of 750,000 students, faculty, and alums, OSU won the 2010 Higher Education Data Breach Madness.

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Campus Network Security Made Easy

The Data Breach Madness bracket, which began with campuses sporting the 64 worst data losses of last year, was released this week by Application Security, Inc., a database security company based in New York.

Runner-up Valdosta had 170,000 university records illegally accessed, Buena Vista had 93,000, and North Florida racked up 52,853 compromised records. The personally identifiable information stockpiled on campus servers includes names, addresses, credit card numbers, financial information, Social Security numbers, and healthcare records of employees, students, and their parents.

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