The inclusion of HP smart phones and the TouchPad tablet makes the Mobile Central app accessible on every major mobile platform, including Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iOS.

Access to the application is free for campuses that already use Mobile Central, and students can download it for free from a range of web-based app stores, according to Blackboard.

Michael Barrett, chief information officer at Florida State University, said students, faculty, and staff who used a smart phone or tablet that operated with webOS would now be able to join peers and colleagues who own iPhones, BlackBerries, and Android phones.

“With these new platforms available, an even larger part of the Florida State community can stay connected,” Barrett said.

HP makes seven smart phones, with two more – the Pre3 and Veer – set to launch this spring and summer, according to the HP website.

HP plans to unveil its TouchPad this summer, more than a year after many in higher education embraced the Apple iPad as the first viable web-ready eReader tablet.

The 9.7-inch HP TouchPad will have a multi-touch screen and a virtual keyboard and wireless internet connectivity.

The tablet will weigh about 1.6 pounds and come in versions of 16GB and 32GB and have a rechargeable battery similar to the iPad, according to HP. The battery will be rechargeable wirelessly.

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