The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is investigating Juweid’s claims that a superior called him “an academic terrorist,” referred to an employee of Pakistani descent as “Osama bin Laden” and made derogatory remarks about Asian doctors.

A university review found radiology chair Laurie Fajardo likely made some derogatory statements, but they did not constitute discrimination against Juweid.

In the letter dated Feb. 15, Associate Provost Tom Rice turned the tables, saying Juweid had unfairly accused colleagues of treating him differently because he is Arab and they mistakenly believed he was Muslim.

Rice quoted one eMail in which Juweid warned that Fajardo would try to play the “Arab/Jew card” to drive a wedge between him and medical college dean Paul Rothman, who is Jewish.

In another, Juweid wrote Rothman might be prejudiced against him “because of the Arab/Jew issue going on for centuries.”

Juweid told medical college associate dean Lois Geist he was Christian “even if some think I am a Muslim like some think of Obama” and sent her a scanned copy of his Jordanian birth certificate to prove his Christianity.

In a Feb. 1 message to colleagues, Juweid expressed frustration that Fajardo would not resign like Mubarak was expected to do. He called the comparison fair, saying Fajardo was feared and hated by her subordinates just like the Egyptian dictator.