Is the answer to mass shootings on college campuses to arm students and staff? Eight states are considering legislation that would allow people to carry a concealed handgun into the lecture hall, the library, or the dorm, NPR reports. Ground zero for the debate is Texas, where a proposed law would remove “premises of higher education” as gun-free zones. “Right now, so-called gun-free zones, I think, ought to be renamed Victims Zones,” says State Sen. Jeff Wentworth (R-San Antonio), who is sponsoring a bill that would allow handguns on campuses. “I just don’t want to see a repeat in Texas of what happened at Virginia Tech.” Wentworth was referring to the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, where a student killed 32 people on campus and injured many others before turning the gun on himself. Last September, the University of Texas at Austin had its own scare. A 19-year-old math major named Colton Tooley, wearing a dark suit and ski mask, started shooting an AK-47 assault weapon in the air, then ran into a library and committed suicide. No one else was shot. Campus police were praised for their quick response…

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