Nursing students to use iPods for treatment, exams

An iPod Touch app translates English medical questions into Spanish.

Students at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Nursing will be able to translate patient questions from English to Spanish, run diagnostic tests, and prepare for their all-important nursing board exam with help from the Apple iPod Touch.

One hundred and eighteen students were given an iPod Touch at a Dec. 13 ceremony signaling the students’ transition from preclinical studies to clinical health sciences. The students were given white coats, per tradition, but this year, iPods were placed in the pocket of each coat, according to a UCLA release.

First-year master’s entry clinical nursing students and third-year undergraduates received iPod Touches, according to the university.

The popular device’s media player function has grabbed attention in all corners of higher education, with nursing and medical schools near the forefront of using the iPod Touch, which can access Wi-Fi networks.

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Ohio State medical school officials gave students iPods last year so they could study high-quality images of organs and body parts in the palms of their hands and see images from several angles.

Ohio State medical students also used the iPod to take short review quizzes for helpful reminders and access videos documenting the many steps of a surgery or procedure.

In July 2009, officials at the University of Michigan Medical School unveiled the “Dr. iPod” program, which lets students watch and review lectures at any time.

And medical students at Temple University listen to heart murmurs using the iPod after studies showed that repetition is the key to honing stethoscope skills and diagnosing heart conditions.

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