Facebook is betting that one day soon, we’ll all be acting like high school students, reports the Associated Press: more texting and instant-messaging, at the expense of eMail. Facebook unveiled a new messaging system Nov. 15, and while CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn’t go as far as declaring eMail dead, he clearly sees the four-decade-old technology being eclipsed by more real-time ways of communicating. “We don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be eMail,” he said. Right now, Facebook’s Messages section is a lot like an eMail inbox. The overhauled version, which will be rolled out to users by invitation in coming months, brings in cell phone texts, IM chats, and eMails from non-Facebook accounts. All the messages stack up in one inbox, and they’re organized by the person sending them rather than the type of technology they use. For those who want one, Facebook will hand out facebook.com eMail addresses—mostly to make it easier to communicate with people who aren’t on Facebook. “If we do a good job, some people will say this is the way that … future [communication] will work,” Zuckerberg said…

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