Students working at the University of Southern California’s Leavey Library now have the option of renting computer locks for their laptops at the circulation desk, as part of a pilot project started by USC Libraries to counter theft, reports the Daily Trojan. Students can rent locks and secure their laptops to stations on the second floor to prevent theft, said Hugh McHarg, executive director of communications and public programming at USC Libraries. “The idea came out of speaking with the Undergraduate Student Government. It wasn’t in response to any particular increase in theft,” McHarg said. The lock will reduce the risk of laptop theft if a student has to leave his laptop unattended while using the bathroom, taking a break, or getting some water or coffee, he said. Students will be able to rent the lock for four hours at a time, but if they want to use the locks for a longer period of time, they can go to the circulation desk and renew their rental. So far, about 30 students have already rented locks, McHarg said, and student reaction to the initiative has been positive…

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