Music instruction goes virtual

The idea to hold a demonstration came several months ago, Pike said, as she and LSU School of Music and Dramatic Arts Dean Laurence Kaptain attended a conference that featured Yamaha representatives, including Litterst.

Kaptain “really encouraged us to go for this and have a demo here at LSU,” Pike said. Rafe O’Neill, owner of local music store O’Neill’s Music House, and Litterst joined the efforts.

Pike said the options are vast for such a program at LSU, with benefits that reach throughout Louisiana and beyond.

“We could have professors here like Michael Gurt teach others across the area and state, including potential students, which makes it a great recruiting tool,” Pike said. “This also offers good teaching opportunities for our students interested in music education, who can use this for internship teaching. LSU can also collaborate with other universities to teach and share and create a much richer experience.”

From her classroom in Los Angeles, Snow expressed her excitement about the program and being able to connect with LSU as part of the demonstration.

“I’m thrilled that we’re able to do this,” she said. “I spoke with Dean Kaptain, who showed great interest in such a program. It’s a terrific way for us to share knowledge, whether it’s through practice, teaching, or reflecting back and forth—even though we’re thousands of miles apart.”

Laura Ascione

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