The best college course ever?

“For this to be a really powerful, easily defensible, creative approach to pedagogy, Poling and his supporters need to defend this course” with legitimate academic work, he said.

Koichi Ko, a blogger and business and marketing consultant, wrote in a Sept. 4 blog post that college graduates who have learned the lessons from StarCraft battle scenarios would make appealing job candidates for any employer, especially startup companies that require constant adaptation as they carve a niche in the marketplace.

“If there’s one thing that I want in people who work with/for me, it’s that they should be totally obsessed with getting better,” Ko wrote. “It’s naive to assume that people should already be good at everything. You won’t find people like that. … Good StarCraft players watch replays to see what they did wrong and, more importantly, what the other guy did right. Then, they hone their craft and do better the next time.”

Ko continued: “In a startup [business], that’s [got to] be one of the best traits an employee can have. If all your employees are as obsessed with improvement as ‘good’ StarCraft players are, then you’re going to be in good shape.”

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