Seven Republican senators have announced a plan to curb the Obama administration’s push to impose net-neutrality regulations on the internet, CNET reports. On July 21, Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina and six other GOP senators introduced legislation that would dramatically limit the Federal Communications Commission’s ability to regulate broadband providers. “The FCC’s rush to takeover the internet is just the latest example of the need for fundamental reform to protect consumers,” DeMint said in a statement. Without this legislation, DeMint said, the FCC will “impose unnecessary, antiquated regulations on the internet.” The new bill—called the Freedom for Consumer Choice Act, or FCC Act—doesn’t eliminate the FCC’s power over broadband providers. But that power would be narrowed in scope and would come to resemble the antitrust enforcement power of the Department of Justice. Supporters of net neutrality—which include many education groups—say new internet regulations are necessary to prevent broadband providers from arbitrarily restricting content or prioritizing one type of traffic over another…

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