Apple and AT&T are facing two major problems in taking orders for the newest iPhone model, reports the Associated Press, just a week before it hits stores: Buyers reported problems registering their orders, and an apparent glitch in AT&T’s web site was steering some customers into strangers’ accounts. Troubles in meeting demand for the iPhone aren’t new. But the latest apparent breach and other recent security foul-ups by AT&T could lead to identity theft—and could have consequences for both companies. Critics and customers have called for Apple to allow other carriers to serve the iPhone in the United States, and the latest problems offer another argument. Just last week, AT&T plugged an embarrassing security hole on its web site that exposed the eMail addresses of people who had bought another new Apple product, the iPad 3G. And in January, AT&T acknowledged to the AP that a problem in its network was causing some wireless customers to land in strangers’ Facebook accounts when they tried to check their own accounts using their smart phones. AT&T said it was fixing that glitch…

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