Not everyone ready for the digital textbook revolution

Forty percent of student respondents said they were “somewhat familiar” with the Kindle and other eReaders on the market and said they were “likely” or “very likely” to buy an eReader. Thirty-eight percent of student respondents said they would access textbooks on their iPhone, iPod, or similar device “frequently” or “all the time” if faculty made the option available, according to the study.

Still, the Student PIRGs research showed that seven in 10 college students prefer printed textbooks “if cost is not a factor.” Thirty percent of respondents said they would “pay extra to have both print and digital versions of their textbooks.”

“Students are ready to explore new options for reading their textbooks,” said Nicole Allen, a textbooks advocate for the Student PIRGs. “Even though most students aren’t ready to toss their printed books, the thought of alternatives is very appealing. If more affordable, competitive options enter the marketplace, it could mean much needed relief for cash-strapped students.”


NACS survey

Student PIRGs survey

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