Less than two weeks until Steve Jobs unveils the next iPhone at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, it appears that the device will come equipped with video chat capabilities, according to Appolicious. Also in today’s App Industry Roundup, we look ahead to a world with $100 Android tablets and $97 iPhones. If the rumor mill about features for the 4G iPhone wasn’t enflamed enough heading into Apple’s June 7 Worldwide Developers Conference, now comes word that the device will showcase video chat capabilities. According to a report by tech blog Engadget, the 4G iPhone will accommodate real-time face-to-face conversations. Further, it appears that American Beauty director Sam Mendes is directing a new round of television commercials for Apple and the iPhone. One generation’s 1984 is another’s Revolutionary Road, perhaps. All of this of course amounts to further evidence of the world’s worst kept secret. The new iPhone is coming, and new features like video chat and multi-tasking capabilities will open up more worlds of opportunities for third-party application developers.

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