Data analysis tool offered to campuses free of charge

OnDemand for Academics’ forecast server, currently available in a beta version, is designed to help college faculty members teach key analysis-based forecasting concepts to students with years of experience in the field, as well as statistical forecasting novices, according to SAS’s web site outlining the tool’s features.

IT officials at St. Cloud State University have lauded the easy point-and-click method behind SAS’s college analytics software. Sundheim, the information systems professor, said before the program was available on the web, he had to design lesson plans and homework assignments around the limited time students could spend at campus computer labs, which once served as the only place to use the SAS software.

Sundheim said making the software available through the cloud during the spring semester helped “all the students [know] the software very well—including those who wouldn’t have used it quite as frequently if it hadn’t been so convenient.”


SAS OnDemand for Academics

St. Cloud University

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