While the world faces enormous challenges such as feeding its populations, developing clean energy, and fighting diseases, many of its best and brightest citizens are focused on other issues. Kicking off a three-state college tour April 19, philanthropist and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said he would like to see some of this brain power shifted to issues like education, CNET reports. “Are the brightest minds working on the hardest problems?” Gates said during a talk at the University of California at Berkeley. “I think the answer is probably not.” College students, with their youth and open minds, represent an important opportunity to get more people working on these issues, Gates said. Too many, he said are going into entertainment and other areas. Even those going to science, he noted, are often working on problems such as developing a cure for baldness. Gates is also speaking this week at Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology…

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