Columbia University’s Journalism School and School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) are planning a new dual degree program in what they describe as a first-of-its-kind effort to address the future of digital media, reports the Columbia Spectator. On April 2, the University Senate unanimously passed a proposal, written by a group of SEAS and J-School professors, for a “Dual Master of Science Degree in Journalism and Computer Science,” which the university hopes to implement in fall 2011. “News organizations have not embraced the digital revolution in the same way as other industries that have made a more successful transition,” the proposal states. “The lack of professionals with an adequate understanding of both the message and the mode of delivery is hindering innovation,” it adds, referring to the lack of journalists with advanced computer skills. The program, which would focus on digital media, would start with a group of 12-15 students who will take classes in journalism and computer science at both schools over five semesters, which includes a summer term…

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