Class in 140 characters or less?

Change on the horizon?

No one is expecting a universal change overnight. There is a learning curve. We must demonstrate that these new platforms and technologies are valuable for students, instructors, and institutions.

Publishers must contribute new resources, not only to make engaging students through social networking more seamless with classroom learning, but also to help arm instructors with best practices.

Fortunately for us all, our best co-teachers in this process are the students themselves. Their digital knowledge can provide the “how-to” for using new education tools. Combined with professors’ knowledge of pedagogy and coursework, we have a recipe for effective and engaged learning.

We have an opportunity to improve student engagement if we as educators are prepared to commit and engage.

Emily Sawtell is the director of Student Innovations at McGraw-Hill Education, and Kathleen King is a professor at Fordham University and president of Transformation Education LLC.

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