Universities hope to top Google’s high-speed list

“To that end, we’ll use our RFI to identify interested communities and to assess local factors that will impact the efficiency and speed of our deployment, such as the level of community support, local resources, weather conditions, approved construction methods, and local regulatory issues. We will also take into account broadband availability and speeds that are already offered to users within a community.

“The RFI is a first step; we plan to consult with local government organizations, as well as conduct site visits and meet with local officials, before announcing our final decisions,” she said.

RFIs will be accepted until March 26, with an announcement of trial communities to come later this year.

Besides Ann Arbor and Charlottesville, Va., other communities that have expressed interest in becoming test sites for Google’s ultra high-speed networks include Burlington, Vt., and Topeka, Kan., where the local mayor has temporarily renamed the city “Google” in an effort to persuade the internet giant that Topeka should be chosen.


Google Fiber RFI