Ruckus attacks enterprise Wi-Fi with pricing

Ruckus Wireless aims to lower the cost of entry to enterprise IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi gear with a stepped-down line of access points it is introducing on Monday, according to PCWorld. The ZoneFlex 7300 series has a smaller antenna array than the 7962, which Ruckus introduced last year, but is designed to compete on price against rival products from Cisco Systems and Aruba Networks. The single-band ZoneFlex 7343 starts at US$499, and the dual-band 7363 at $599. Ruckus claims the 7343 is the first enterprise-class 802.11n access point priced under $500. Wi-Fi equipment using the 802.11n standard, which was formally ratified only last year, still makes up a relatively small portion of sales, according to research company Dell’Oro Group. In the fourth quarter, 802.11n products represented $146 million of the approximately $450 million in revenue for enterprise WLAN (wireless LAN) gear, according to Dell’Oro analyst Loren Shalinsky. That was despite the fact that 802.11n products generally cost more than ones that use the earlier 802.11a/b/g technology.

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