Colleges embrace MP4 technology for delivering instruction

As mobile devices have become more reliable internet connections, students are using their iPhones and Droids as a one-stop shop for socializing and organizing, according to the 2010 Horizon Report, which was released in February.

And a bevy of online resources and free applications can be used in tandem with doing college course work on a mobile device.

For instance, the web site Evernote allows users to save web pages, images, photos, to-do lists, voice recordings, and more in an online repository at no charge. Being able to access an application like Evernote on a mobile device should push colleges toward mobile computing in the next year, the report says.

“For many people all over the world, but especially in developing countries, mobiles are increasingly the access point not only for common tools and communications, but also for information of all kinds, training materials, and more.”


University Alliance

2010 Horizon Report