In a move that could further sap bandwidth on college campuses, the NCAA now offers fans a way to watch searchable highlights from men’s basketball tournament games since 2000, reports the New York Times. Highlights and full games are significant elements of league and media web sites, but what is available online is chosen largely by the outlets, not the fans. With its March Madness basketball tournament approaching, the NCAA has found a way to exploit a portion of its men’s basketball tournament archive by ceding a significant amount of clip selection to fans. Through a deal with the NCAA, Thought Equity Motion has digitally diced every tournament game this decade from the Round of 16 forward into all of its notable plays, and assigned a web address to each of them. It lets fans watch any of the games, or thin slices of them, and link to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or to their blogs. The NCAA Vault, at, is making its formal debut March 3 after finishing its beta phase…

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