Amazon: Kindle books outsold real books this Christmas

The succinct title of this Amazon press release tells the whole story: "On Christmas Day, for the First Time Ever, Customers Purchased More Kindle Books Than Physical Books," reports. According to the release, "Kindle has become the most gifted item in Amazon’s history." Amazon still refuses to break out actual Kindle sales figures, but the following snippet shows you just how good a holiday season Amazon had: "On Amazon’s peak day, December 14, 2009, customers ordered over 9.5 million items worldwide." That’s a number that would bring most servers to their knees, let alone physical delivery fulfillment systems. Let’s make sure we read those figures right, though. "On Christmas Day customers purchased more Kindle books than physical books." Considering that many people received Kindle’s for Christmas, it is likely that they then bought books (it is rather too easy to do). How many people, in comparison, were ordering physical books on Christmas Day?

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