To deal with obsession, some defriend on Facebook

Recognizing that Facebook was interfering with their lives offline, some students have taken steps to kick the habit, reports the New York Times. Recently, Halley Lamberson, 17, and Monica Reed, 16, juniors at San Francisco University High School, made a pact to help each other resist the lure of the social-networking web site. "We decided we spent way too much time obsessing over Facebook, and it would be better if we took a break from it," Halley said. By mutual agreement, the two friends now allow themselves to log on to Facebook on the first Saturday of every month–and only on that day. The two are among the many teenagers, especially girls, who are recognizing the huge distraction Facebook presents. Some teenagers, like Monica and Halley, form a support group to enforce their Facebook hiatus. Others deactivate their accounts. Still others ask someone they trust to change their password and keep control of it until they feel ready to have it back. Facebook will not reveal how many users have deactivated service, but Kimberly Young, a psychologist who is the director of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery in Bradford, Pa., said she had spoken with dozens of teenagers trying to break the Facebook habit. "It’s like any other addiction," Young said. "It’s hard to wean yourself."

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