Pearson Invites U.S. Teachers to Help Create New 21st Century Middle Grades Math Program

Boston – December 21, 2009 – Who better than America’s teachers knows what works to prepare today’s students for the rigors of higher-level math and success in the 21st century? And who better than America’s parents knows how their children learn beyond the classroom walls?

By actively soliciting suggestions and ideas from America’s teachers and parents through an online forum,, the world’s leading education company Pearson is getting to the heart of how best to reach digital-friendly students.  The online community’s top-rated ideas and strategies from across the nation will be incorporated into a new middle grades math curriculum now under development by Pearson.
“Our goal with the online forum is to bridge the latest academic research on the most effective math instruction to real-life, tried and true best practices that our educators use in their classrooms every day. We want to give teachers and parents a voice in the process,” said Pearson’s senior vice president for K-12 mathematics Mike Evans. He added, “Historically, publishers have only been able to engage with a relatively small number of teachers during the development of a program. Now, any teacher can share his or her creativity, and the entire community will identify what we need to include in the program.  We are taking advantage of today’s technologies to create a level of partnership and transparency that enables a totally new level of real-time communication and innovation.”
To participate in the online forum, educators can log on to  
Math practitioners are already actively participating on the site by providing their best practices and lessons on topics such as Mathematical Discourse, Classroom Management, Conceptual Understanding, Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis and Probability. Parents are also sharing their ideas, including a suggestion from one parent who recommends the curriculum include access to a website with video lessons for students and parents to watch together at home.
Each member of the online community can vote on the educational strategies, even without posting an idea to share. After the submission and voting are complete, a final report with the top ideas and contributors to be featured in the new middle grades math program will be posted on  
Pearson’s new digital-based math curriculum will utilize technology to differentiate classroom instruction and personalize learning for each student laying the critical foundation for higher level math that students will need to be successful in college and in life.
“Knowing that recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results continue to demonstrate that America’s students are struggling with math learning – only 39 percent of eighth-grade students are proficient –, Pearson elected to think first about the instructional purpose of the middle grades math program and then focus on the delivery mechanism that best serves that purpose. To ensure our students are college ready, we’re focused on listening to teachers on a massive scale to gather their invaluable collective experience, personalizing learning for all students and helping teachers tailor their instruction to meet the unique needs of each class,” said Evans. 
In addition to the online forum, extensive field tests and pilot programs will inform the research-based middle grades math program’s content, interactive whiteboard lessons and auto-graded online assessments and homework. The program’s authorship team includes authors from Pearson’s number-one elementary math program, enVisionMATH, along with experts in areas ranging from mathematics education and instruction to motivating today’s digital native. The educational framework for the program has been and will continue to be tested in real classrooms during the development process to help the curriculum translate well into practice.
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