It looks like Apple soon might have a new best friend: Microsoft, at least if the introduction of an iPhone app for Microsoft’s Bing "decision engine" is the first sign of a new trend, PC World reports. Apple and Google used to be joined at the iPhone and browser, with Google providing popular apps for the iPhone and a default search engine for the Safari browser. Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt even sat on Apple’s board of directors. But while the Google iPhone apps still remain, the relationship is in tatters, as Google has begun competing with its former friend across a wide front. And Schmidt, under pressure, has resigned from the Apple board. Apple has also appears to have kept Google Latitude away from becoming an iPhone app and might be delaying the Google Maps Navigation app from an iPhone appearance. Both are important mobile business tools, but only on Google’s Android platform. For business users, the teaming of Microsoft and Apple could be a good thing, though unlikely to break Google’s plan for domination of the internet. The big hope is that Apple will simply help Microsoft improve…

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