eScholar Launches Version 7 of eScholar Uniq-ID for Students


White Plains, N.Y., December 22, 2009 — eScholar LLC, the leader in education data management software, has announced the release of Version 7 of the eScholar Uniq-ID® for StudentseScholar Uniq-ID® for Students is the nation’s most widely used product for assigning, maintaining, and managing lifelong unique student identifiers across time, location, and source.
“Even though our application is proven in the marketplace, we are always striving to improve the identifier assignment and management process so that the eScholar unique identifier can help improve longitudinal data analysis and can be used in new ways as business needs change”, said Andrea Hartman, Senior Product Manager at eScholar   “The new version of eScholar Uniq-ID® for Studentsdoes this by focusing on the capability to link all identifiers a student may have, including identifiers from other states, to one eScholar unique identifier. Providing a crosswalk of these identifiers assists the data integration process and builds upon our foundation that assigns identifiers uniquely across states to provide the only interstate capability available today.”
The key new features of eScholar Uniq-ID® for Students Version 7, which is available immediately, provide the following new capabilities:
·      Ability to track all alternate student identifiers – The new Alias ID feature allows the eScholar Uniq-ID® for Students system to retain a record of all local identifiers and/or alternate identifiers submitted to the system in one table. Each time a new Local Identifier or Alternate ID is submitted with the student record, the eScholar Uniq-ID® for Students system will insert this information into an Alias ID table with a link to the unique State ID. This allows states to begin tracking identifiers from various systems, including those from other states, so that data can be more easily integrated and tracked across time and source.   An Alias ID data mart is provided as part of this feature to enable administrators to track and report on multiple IDs.
·      Ability to authorize data updates by source system- A new feature, Authoritative Source, has been added to enable record-level updates to a record based upon a system-wide source system reliability score. Administrators configure and define reliability scores for source systems that are authorized to upload data. The reliability score is used during processing to determine if the incoming record has the “authority” to update an existing record. Only records meeting the authoritative source criteriawill be able to apply updates. By utilizing this functionality states can submit data from multiple source systems but only apply changes in data when the data comes from an authoritative source.
·      Ability for administrators to configure automatic notifications. The system now allows administrators to configure Pending Near Match and System Notifications.  The Pending Near Match Notification component sends an email to the appropriate contacts when unresolved near matches exist for the specific location so that districts and states can more easily monitor pending near matches on an ongoing basis. These reports can be sent at the school, district or state level. The System Notification component allows states to configure automated notifications upon system errors such as batch failure due to data validation issues, system lock-outs, and other processing errors. Both of these notifications are valuable to states because they help identify potential near match and systems-related issues earlier and more efficiently.
·      Ability to identify potential false drop-outs, missing students and/or already existing identifiers. The existing Batch Search component has been enhanced to return a list of identifiers for the potential matches in addition to the list that is already returned for matches. By providing the additional details for potential matches, the administrators can perform a complete analysis on the records to determine if any of the near matches are matches. The Batch Search component can be used to search for existing students for the purposes of identifying false drop-outs across districts or states, missing students, and/or identifiers to be supplied to testing vendors.
“It is our expectation that the capabilities of Version 7, in particular the enhanced Batch Search component will enable us to significantly improve the way that we administer our student IDs,” said Kathy Gosa of the Kansas Department of Education. “The ability to quickly and easily match the IDS of students from other sources and other systems, such as Direct Certification for Free Lunch and students who have enrolled in postsecondary, will be a significant timesaver and will result in higher quality data”.
eScholar Uniq-ID® for Students and eScholar Uniq-ID® for Staff are critical components of our long term vision to provide the most comprehensive longitudinal data systems solutions,” said Shawn Bay, eScholar’s founder and CEO. “Having the ability to maintain lifelong identities for every individual throughout their education spanning early childhood, preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary, secondary, postsecondary, adult education, and the work force levels is essential. This dramatically enhances the ability of local, state and federal education agencies to understand the impact of educational programs and services on individuals throughout their lives.”
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