Monterey, CA – December 16, 2009 – CTB/McGraw-Hill today announced an agreement with MetaMetrics®, developer of The Lexile Framework® for Reading, to provide adult students with Lexile® measures from its TABE® (Tests of Adult Basic Education, Forms 9 & 10) assessment. TABE now offers test takers the ability to use Lexile measures to find materials that can help strengthen their reading skills. 

By converting TABE Reading scores into Lexile measures, teachers will have a better indicator of their adult students’ ability to comprehend and retain information, which has been shown to lead to increased literacy skills. Lexile measures also will enable students to compare their reading ability to the demands of particular occupational materials and classroom texts.
“Lexile measures link test takers to a wealth of developmentally appropriate reading materials, and better enable teachers to focus on the areas where students need help meeting their adult education goals,” said Dr. Richard Patz, Vice President, Research and Product Development, at CTB/McGraw-Hill. “The inclusion of Lexile measures strengthens our TABE product line and connects adult learners to the resources they need to succeed.”
By measuring students’ reading ability and text difficulty on the same scale, the Lexile Framework makes test results more interpretable and actionable. Lexile measures are a scientifically proven method for reporting students’ reading comprehension, offering the ability to:
  • Provide a common language to compare reading levels across regions and educational institutions
  • Compare students’ levels with occupational reading demands
  • Assist instructors in differentiating instruction for their students
  • Assist outreach and admissions staff in helping students develop an educational plan that will help them succeed in meeting their career goals
Aligned with TABE Reading assessments, Lexile measures will be available in the form of reports on a secure website. These reports include information for interpreting what the Lexile measure means, and how students and educators can use MetaMetrics’ “Find a Book” utility to search for fiction and nonfiction titles that match a student’s Lexile level and interests.
“While Lexile measures have been widely adopted by the K–12 educational community, linking TABE Reading scores with Lexile measures further extends the power of these metrics to adult students,” said MetaMetrics President Malbert Smith III, Ph.D. “Because the Lexile Framework matches students with targeted materials based on their reading level and interests, learners of all ages and abilities can use Lexile measures to find books that help promote reading growth and prepare them for success in their future endeavors.”
TABE Forms 9 & 10 is the latest edition of the premier basic skills test for adult learners offered by CTB/McGraw-Hill. TABE is closely aligned with both national standards and the latest GED Test, including a focus on reading and literature. TABE provides comprehensive, reliable information to ensure that adult students will be successful in today’s society. The tests support the same philosophies found in the best adult education programs, featuring test items that focus on adult life skills, are correlated to predict success on the GED Test, and demonstrate progress toward literacy, education and job-related goals.
About the TABE Family of Assessments
The TABE® family of products is the nation’s leading adult basic education program comprising a complete and flexible system of diagnostic assessments and instructional support materials to meet the diverse needs of adult students. TABE measures basic reading, mathematics, and language skills, as well as optional spelling, vocabulary, and language mechanics tests. TABE has been successfully used by millions of adult students, and has been proven to provide the information educators need to ensure that their adult students will be successful in today’s society. TABE is a registered trademark, and TABE CLAS-E and TABE Complete Language Assessment System – English are trademarks of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. For more information, please visit CTB/McGraw-Hill Adult Education.
About MetaMetrics
MetaMetrics, an educational measurement organization, develops scientifically based measures of student achievement that link assessment with instruction, foster better educational practices, and improve learning by matching students with materials that meet and challenge their abilities. The company’s renowned psychometric team developed the widely adopted Lexile Framework for Reading (www.Lexile.com); El Sistema Lexile para Leer, the Spanish-language version of the Lexile Framework; The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics (www.Quantiles.com); and The Lexile Framework for Writing. In addition to licensing Lexile and Quantile® measures to state departments of education, testing and instructional companies, and publishers, MetaMetrics delivers professional development, resource measurement and customized consulting services. For more information, please visit www.MetaMetricsInc.com.
About CTB/McGraw-Hill
As the nation’s leading publisher of standardized and standards-based achievement tests for pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, and adult education, CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC offers a broad range of assessments, software and services. CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC is part of McGraw-Hill Education, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP). McGraw-Hill Education is a leading global provider of instructional, assessment and reference solutions that empower professionals and students of all ages. Additional information is available at www.CTB.com.