Los Angeles Unified School District and Sylvan Learning Launch Mathematics Pilot Program


BALTIMORE, December 10 – Sylvan Learning, North America’s leading provider of supplemental education to students of all ages, has launched an innovative mathematics pilot program with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).  Twenty-one middle and high schools in the Extended Learning Academies working with LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell Branch are using SchoolMathPrep.com, a free, supplemental mathematics resource for grade 7-12 teachers and students to use at their schools.


Developed by math teachers, SchoolMathPrep.com delivers more than 2,000 instructor-led videos, covering 750 lessons in Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and math test preparation programs for the SAT and ACT.  In addition to easy to use videos, each lesson includes sample problems, summary notes, a quiz, a worksheet, and a deep thought question. 


LAUSD, the nation’s second-largest public school district, serves more than 688,000 students.The district’s Beyond the Bell Branch delivers academic intervention programs, extended learning opportunities, and before- and after-school programs that inspire student learning and engagement.  The middle and high schools participating in the SchoolMathPrep.com pilot program are Extended Learning Academies, which provide instructional assistance for students in need of extra academic support in reading, language development and math.  LAUSD teachers and their students are using www.SchoolMathPrep.com to strengthen time-on-task mathematics learning during school hours – for remediation, enrichment, and test preparation. 


"This academic year, California’s slashed budget has resulted in cuts for everything from teachers and academic support services to instructional materials. Yet, our students’ academic need has never been greater, especially in mathematics," notes LAUSD Chief Academic Officer Judy Elliott, Ph.D. "We appreciate Sylvan Learning for providing an important supplemental instructional mathematics resource – free of charge – and showing how public/private partnerships such as this one benefits both our teachers and students." 


“We are excited to launch the SchoolMathPrep.com pilot program with LAUSD.   Sylvan has a long history of forging public/private partnerships with schools and school districts to provide academic resources that enable teachers and students to achieve academic success,” comments Jeffrey H. Cohen, President and CEO of Sylvan Learning.  “With school systems facing such daunting fiscal challenges, now is the perfect time for this type of collaboration.  The most recent NAEP results highlight that math, in particular algebra, continues to be a significant challenge for the majority of our nation’s students.  SchoolMathPrep.com is a valuable tool for teachers and students to use in bolstering their math curriculum.  Sylvan’s network of community-based franchisees and more than 1,000 Sylvan Learning centers throughout the United States and Canada are offering SchoolMathPrep.com to their local schools in the hope that our free math resource will be made accessible in every middle and high school classroom throughout North America.”


Across North America, educators continue to face a persistent struggle with students’ mathematic achievement.  According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 23 percent of high school seniors are considered proficient in mathematics.[1]  Yet, many educators are being forced to do more with less this school year because of unprecedented budgetary challenges. In response to educators’ need for additional math tools, participating Sylvan Learning franchisees in August began visiting their local middle and high schools and offering SchoolMathPrep.com free-of-charge.  Though just recently launched, more than 2,700 schools across 40 states and Canadian provinces are already taking advantage of this program.


“I really like SchoolMathPrep.com since students can choose their own pace.  Also, they can review each lesson as many times as they want.  I’ve used the videos as a review tool for all of my students after I’ve introduced the lesson,” says Edy Perez, a math teacher at LAUSD’s Fremont High School.


Adds Alexander Rodriguez, a math coach at Fremont High School, “I have explored SchoolMathPrep.com extensively and it is a good resource to help ‘catch up’ those students who are absent.  Anytime the onscreen teacher goes too fast, the student can pause and/or rewind the video to review any concept that was not well understood.   It could also help students who get stuck on a particular math problem at home.  Another great feature is that it gives students a different perspective on a mathematical procedure than that of the teacher.  All in all, it is well designed, is a good resource, and is user friendly. “


SchoolMathPrep.com features a variety of rich tools and resources for grade 7-12 mathematics teachers and students. Instructor-led videos and educational techniques that feature step-by-step guidance help students develop conceptual understanding and crucial problem-solving skills – and build the core math competencies needed for lifelong success.  A powerful search function enables users to search by concept, keyword, and textbook (for a majority of U.S. middle and high school math textbooks).  It is easy for teachers to find lessons linked to content they’re currently teaching, and for students to obtain extra support for math concepts they may have missed in class – especially as they prepare for the rigors of college-level courses.  Because SchoolMathPrep.com is an Internet resource, no special software or hardware is required by the school. 


Educators and schools interested in using Sylvan’s free math resource are encouraged to call their local Sylvan Learning center or visit www.SchoolMathPrep.com


Note to Members of Media: For a demo of SchoolMathPrep.com, please contact Jennifer Gaegler of Sylvan Learning at (410) 843-8928 or Jennifer.Gaegler@SylvanLearning.com.


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[1] The Nation’s Report Card: Mathematics 2005.  Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.