HONOLULU — December 14, 2009 — uBoost, provider of an award-winning online student performance recognition and rewards platform, announced today the launch of uBoost Version 2.0. New, innovative functionality provides more ways for districts to address some of the top priorities in the federal Race to the Top Fund (RTTF) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The uBoost system, which includes new parental notification features, specifically addresses the following Department of Education priorities:

·       Creating school climates and cultures that remove obstacles to, and actively support, student engagement and achievement (RTTF, Priority 6, Section 5)

·       Implementing strategies to effectively engage families and communities in supporting the academic success of their students (RTTF, Priority 6, Section 6)

·       Neglected and Delinquent Students (NCLB, Title I, Part D)

·       Dropout Prevention (NCLB, Title I, Part H)

·       Teacher Quality (NCLB, Title II, Part A)

“uBoost delivers on the goals outlined by the Department of Education, making student rewards and recognition a systematic part of school operations,” said uBoost CEO John Bower. “The call for districts to innovate with technology is clear, and uBoost Version 2.0 helps foster parental engagement on a daily basis like no other program can.”

Used in tandem with school district learning management systems, uBoost helps teachers recognize individual students’ positive behavior and incremental improvement. Students receive recognition in the form of reward points and performance-based honor badges, encouraging them to put forth their best effort. Points can be used to help feed a hungry child, plant a tree, adopt a whale or support other charitable causes. Points can also be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards and other premium rewards that are shipped directly to the student’s home.

uBoost Version 2.0 incorporates new parental notification technology to include parents in the recognition and reward process. uBoost sends daily e-mail notifications to parents regarding the points their child receives, as well as the accomplishments and behaviors for which they have been rewarded. The system is customizable to the needs of each school, and can be used to recognize behaviors such as class participation, homework completion and attendance.

“The nation’s educational system has traditionally relied on students to provide their parents with information about their day-to-day performance,” said Bower. “This approach—which completely contradicts most recognition models in the business world—limits parents’ ability to participate and support their child’s education with timely praise. uBoost’s technology delivers performance and behavior information to parents on a daily basis, closing the communications gap between home and school. As a result, parents can be fully engaged in their child’s education and offer praise and support on a daily basis.”

Founded in 2007, uBoost is quickly being recognized for its impact on education. In May of 2009, the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Awards recognized uBoost as Newcomer of the Year. In August, the Company was named a finalist in the prestigious EdNET Awards as Rookie of the Year, underscoring the industry’s excitement for uBoost’s approach to student recognition and rewards. 

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About uBoost

uBoost is an online performance recognition and rewards platform that provides a system for educators to recognize positive behavior and incremental improvement. Working across all age groups, curricula and achievement levels, uBoost partners with publishers, school districts, online schools, tutoring companies and private education companies to design and implement recognition and rewards programs that improve student and parent engagement.


Recognition in the form of award points, performance-based honor badges, and a coveted spot on achiever leader-boards encourages students and parents to put forth maximum effort. With thousands of rewards choices (from $.01 to $200.00), uBoost is constantly introducing new rewards and contests to keep up with students’ changing interests, ensure relevance throughout the school year and provide unique rewards to keep every individual engaged and motivated.


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