Google plans to begin selling its own smart phone early next year, company employees say — a move that could challenge Apple’s leadership in one of the fastest-growing and most important technologies in decades, reports the New York Times. Google’s new touch-screen Android phone, which it began giving to many employees to test last week, could shake up the fundamentals of the cell-phone market in the United States, where most phones work only on the networks of the wireless carriers that sold them. The company, using the power of its brand, plans to market and sell the new phone directly to consumers over the internet, and buyers would be able to sign up for service from any compatible provider. The introduction of a Google phone would be an important and risky departure for Google. Until now, it has made software to power cell phones that are built and marketed by partners, and it has largely avoided selling hardware. The apparent shift underscores the fact that mobile phones are quickly becoming the biggest technology battleground of the future, as consumers increasingly rely on their phones to browse the internet and perform other computing tasks. It also indicates Google’s determination to make its mark on yet another industry, as it has done previously in advertising, books, and online videos…

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