Win one of multiple prizes for different multimedia competitions has opened their new cycle of competitions, which are geared towards opening the creative minds of students by using software products that stress knowledge in the areas of animation, computer-aided design, graphic design, scriptwriting, digital sketching, digital video, music, as well as many other categories. The Studica Skills competitions are primarily software competitions, but also include hardware, home recording, video, and robotics.

With over a dozen different competitions being offered, Studica Skills is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity, talent, and skills. To optimize chances of winning, students are permitted up to three unique entries per competition, as well as being allowed to enter as many competitions as they choose.

Prizes awarded include various software products, electronics, books, and clothing. In addition to the top three prize winners in each competition, competitions award monthly prizes via a lottery system where all entries have an equal chance of winning.


Studica Skills Competitions